Frequently Asked Questions
Just the FAQs! - Crafters’ Edition
How long has the Last Minute Craft Fair been running?
This is the first year for the show, but it’s been such fun so far that we’re already making plans for 2007!

Is there free parking?
Not free, but cheap and relatively close parking is available.  There is a parking garage directly behind the Spadina subway exit on Walmer.  The sign posted outside lists prices at about $7 for the day.

Can I bring a guest?
Absolutely!  It’s always nice to have an extra set of eyes in a busy fair, and someone who can watch your stuff when nature calls or hunger strikes.  We have a good number of chairs at our disposal, so feel free to let us know if you’d like a second at your booth.

Did you receive my application?
We send a thank-you email to every applicant whose package was received.  If you did not receive a response to your application, please email us at lastminutecraftfair (at) or resend your application.  While we likely won’t be able to offer more than a wait-listed slot for the 2006 fair, we can keep your application on file for next year’s announcement of the “call for crafters.”

What’s with the cancellation policy in the Terms & Conditions?
This is an issue that caused a us lot of hair-tearing!  The decision, however, was quite clear.  While we’re determined to put the show on under any circumstances, the venue we’ve chosen has a no-notice cancellation policy in their own Ts & Cs.  It’s unfortunately a necessary just-in-case.

Is the $50 limit flexible?
Nope!  Apologies to those who have more expensive items to push, but Rule #1 of the LMCF is that nothing is to be priced higher than $50.  (And yes, we will be enforcing this on the day of the sale!)  The idea is to get as much cash flowing as possible, and smaller-ticket items will help win over those impulse buyers.  We’re determined to have all our customers leave with full arms and empty pockets, and all our crafters with no stock and bulging wallets!

What are my next steps?
Well, you’ll want to get your booth payment in toot sweet, as the French (sort of) say.  No booths will be secured until the $30 is received.   The deadline for payment is November 10th, at which point we’ll open any unsecured booths to those champing-at-the-bit wait-listed vendors, so don’t lose your spot!  

Next, you’ll want to start crankin’ out those crafts and planning your booth.  We’ll be updating you with suggestions and recommendations on local amenities and helpful items as we get closer to the fair.  

You may also wish to contact your fellow crafters for any pre-orders, to be delivered on the day (Check out the links on the Meet Our Crafters page for some serious browser-window shopping opportunities!)  

Finally, you can help us spread the word about the fair.

How can I help spread the word about the fair?
Glad you asked!  We’re planning some web banners, posters and other promo goodies for the next couple of weeks.  We’re also beginning the hunt for some crafty sponsors - if you have any recommendations or suggestions, drop us a line.  And in the meantime, feel free to list your appearance on your own websites, mention the fair to your customers, talk it up to your friends, and cajole your family to come down and visit!

Got a question or concern not addressed above? 
Email us at lastminutecraftfair (at)