The Last Minute Craft Fair
Our Crafters
Take a gander at the crafty types who will be at the Fair.

Button Pusher
Custom 1” buttons and magnets for decoration and fun.

From Scratch
Prepared food mixes and assorted yummies for the cooking-impaired.

Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff
Handcrafted candles, soaps, bath and body products.

Fabienne Good
Unique, one of a kind handmade art.

A variety of robot-themed goods, artwork, gifts and downloadable ephemera.

Katie Muth
Distinct, stylish and charming greeting cards, cloth journals, calendars and original prints.

Kim Kutner
Pillows, sachets, cards and pins combining drawings with recycled fabric.

Funky objects with a nostalgic flair.

Thumbelina Card Co.
Whimsical greeting cards made with thumbprint and fingerprint art.

Peony Design
Home décor items and Japanese paper-and-glass necklaces.

Gnarled Branch
Nifty gifties for unique people.

Click on the pictures to visit the crafters’ websites.

Papersnake Jewellery
Intended for a creative, bold individual with a great sense of humour!

Chubby Charms
Funky pet accessories and handcrafted pet charms.

Eggplantpurple Designs
Funky fresh Fimo jewellery encompassing a variety of material techniques.

Spunky Kitty Style
Fun fleece critter hats for cosplay or everyday.

Quality handcrafted jewellery for urban hippies and trendy fashionistas.

Belly Babies
Baby shirts, onesies and gowns.

Grit Hofmann
Paper Moravian stars - perfect for lighting up the holidays.

Designing, creating and constructing handbags, totes, purses and baby blankets.

Skarf and Skuff
Happy flashes of yarn and felted wool to wrap your neck and feet in colour and warmth.

Fasteners, colour and a secret ingredient.

Chili Pepper Art Leather
Original designs in leather for function and fashion.


White Lotus Design
Distinctly feminine jewelry, free-formed in a combination of silver and semi-precious stones.

If the Shoe Fits...
One of a kind art cards to delight the shoe lover in you!

Fashion jewelry sets to coordinate with any outfit.

Soap Scum
Quirky handmade soaps for dirty people!

SallyGirl Designs
SallyGirl designs one of a kind jewelry, clothing and accessories.

Knotty Girls
Wearable ribbon jewellery and accessories.

AKA Clothing
Exciting and colourful t-shirts and accessories made from both new and recycled materials.

High quality, unique clothing and accessories.

Textile designs handmade with love.

Salt & Pepper Textiles
One of a kind boiled wool hats and purses.